Chotanagpur Graphite Pvt Ltd.

offers various graphite products such as Highly Crystalline Graphite Flakes and Graphite Powders.


Chotanagpur Graphite was established in 1976 to develop the high grade flake graphite deposits of Palamau, Jharkhand. The company was among the first graphite mining and processing companies in India. Today, it is the only private sector producer of high grade (>90% TGC) graphite in India and produces more than 20% of India's total flake graphite. From 1976 to 1996, the company operated the government owned Mahugain Graphite Mine. Since 1990, the company has been operating its Murma Graphite Mine. The ore is processed at the Belchampa facility and upgraded to 94% TGC.

CGI produces high grade flake graphite for use in refractory production, graphite based lubrication, brake linings, foundries and many other applications. The company also exports flake graphite to its customers in Japan and South Africa. CGI aims to build a fully integrated flake graphite mining and processing facility and supply highly value added products such as micronized flake graphite, high purity graphite and spherical graphite in the near future. The company also owns other mining properties to build on the capacity of the existing base grades of flake graphite. The company's management is one of the most experienced teams in the graphite business.